Platinum Plus Essential Amino Acids, 120 vegetarian capsules

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Provides the perfect balance of amino acids Proper Dietary Protein Utilization Platinum Plus addresses the primary protein problem that started some of your deficiencies in the first place. Activate Your Enzymes The body then starts to rebuild and refurbish it's 80,000* enzyme systems. With Platinum Plus you do not need to take digestive enzymes, papain, bromelain etc., most of which are inefficient and/or ineffective. Your body creates its own enzymes. Decrease Acid Reflux & Stomach Acidity This formula enables your stomach to manufacture more necessary hydrochloric acid (HCl), to further increase your protein digestion, and acidify minerals (calcium, phosphorus, sulfur, etc.) Carries in Vitamins & Minerals Increase the protein-complex carrier mechanisms that take vitamins and minerals to your cells. Replenish Your Sulfur This fourth necessary mineral in your body is deficient in the majority of persons. It is necessary for the synthesis of hormones (insulin), proper immune system functioning, healthy hair, skin & nails, & neurotransmitters. The expensive carnitine, serine, etc. are readily made from essential amino acids. Additional sulfur is needed to build this molecule. Nature's Antioxidant – Glutathione Your body can manufacture glutathione in abundance when you have a constant supply of essential amino acids. Cysteine-cystine essential, & glycine and glutamic acid (nonessentials) readily synthesize glutathione. Scavenging free radicals produced by metabolism, exercise, toxins, and infections is what your body was designed to do – when it gets the amino acids that it needs. Clear-Up Bacterial, Viral and Fungal Infections Candida albicans, yeast and fungus infections: it was observed that most infections cleared up with Platinum Plus.

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